PPR Challenge #2 – Kat’s Design

Ok, I normally love the unconventional challenge, but for some reason I found this one really hard. The designers were asked to make a look using unconventional materials found in a movie theater or on a movie set. That is a broad range of materials, which is what I think made it tricky. I ended up with straws and a red cellophane which is similar to color gels used on lighting.
Both were from the dollar store, so I didn’t spend much. I envisioned using the cellophane to create some sort of structured top and cutting the straws to make a striped, fringed skirt. Let me tell you, working with those straws was so hard! (I wish I could have found paper ones.) I split them in half, cut them into little pieces for the fridge and tried to flatten them, but they just kept rounding. Then they wouldn’t stick to my muslin no matter what glue I used. I tried sewing them on and it was just all over the place and messy. That sent me back to the drawing board where I came up with this.
PPR Challenge #2 - Kat's Design
I call it my “Starlet on the Red Carpet” dress. I ended up sewing the straws onto the muslin slightly overlapping to create the fabric for the skirt. The stripes are going the opposite way I had planned, but I think it still worked. I specifically tried to get striped of different widths. For the top I folded the cellophane until it wasn’t see-thru (where it counts anyway) and then made a structured strapless, backless top. The whole look shines and is very body conscious. It would certainly turn a few heads on a red carpet.
PPR Challenge #2 - Kat's Design
Oh, I struggled with accessories. This dress really wanted a statement necklace, but there is so little on the all as far a jewelry. I ended up with a big ring and some on-trend short, white boots.

This look is all about Heidi, short, tight and shiny! (Come on, you can totally see her in this!) Is it innovative or new? Probably not, but it does meet the criteria of using unconventional materials. I think once again this week I would have been safely in the middle….at least I hope so!

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