A visit to France, in Sonoma California

There is a French Antique store in Sonoma. Over the holiday weekend they were hosting a very special flea market in the lot next door.
The had French music wafting out, and the well heeled tourists, and even some locals were enjoying the Marche Aux Puce. I have to say, it was completely charming. As you would expect, the prices were “flea market” x 10. But still, charming. Let me show you some of the delicious wares.
Let’s start with collections of vintage french linen.
or flat.
I could not think of a project for them fast enough. Because if I could have, I would have made a “deal” and bought in bulk. (“hoard”)

This super cute teeenincy trailer was there. (I am not sure how “French” this is. But lets just agree not to quibble about the provenance of anything, and just take it in for the experience that it was.)

There was more than one beautiful old dress form.
Oh how I want one of these.

There were two magical old puppet theaters.
On the left is a table top model, and on the right is a full size floor model, for kids to hide behind. The taller one was extraordinary. And the price was breathtaking as well. As it should be.

From the small to the grand and oversized.
The mattress they were showing on this bed was about 20″. It was almost crazy “filler” for the stunning wrought iron. But the linen is delicious, and of course, the pillows don’t hurt.

This mirror is large (but oh-so lovely).

And then, the land of gargantuan. This clock is over 6 feet. And the gilded mirror behind was ENORMOUS. SUCH statement pieces. (How did those get over here? were they packed in feathers and pixies dust and flown over on the wings of angels? I mean, I have heard of “containers” and “crates” but that mirror did not come in pieces. And I bet it weighs more that my refrigerator.)

Some street signs. And a metal ornament.
If you like that. You should just buy them in bulk.
I will leave you with La Vie En Rose in your head.

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