Hummingbird Stain Glass Window Kit

(In an effort to craft with my 5 year old daughter, and turn off the TV, we do a lot of projects. We are running a series of posts about the kits that we did in our house. I’ll tell you all about them, show you where you can buy them and tell you how it all worked out. You can also read about the Paper Bead Maker and the Jeweled Heart Box. )
We are big fans of Melissa and Doug in this house. They make really beautiful toys that interest my daughter and appeal to me. Our latest find was a stain glass window kit. Officially, its full name is “Rainbow Garden “Stained Glass” Peel & Press Sticker by Numbers
When you open the package, you are faced with sheets with the beautiful water color gel shapes and a few instructions, but the beauty is that this is self explanatory and my daughter could not WAIT to dive right in. She “wanted help” but really, what that meant was just that she wanted company and a tiny bit of reinforcement.
The pieces have numbers and a corresponding legend to help, but when we started we just looked for big shapes that matched. We didn’t move to the legend until more than halfway through.
The pieces are big enough that she could do it. There is enough of a boarder that it worked out really well. I only had to reposition 2 pieces, she did the rest.

Really, the only bummer about this kit is that it is done. There is no “next” project from here. If that is the worst I can say, we are batting 1000.

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