The GAME room!

We moved!
We are now in our  yellow, 1950’s ranch-style house (with a funky upstairs addition. Does a two story still count as a ranch? You get the idea).

And, drum roll please, there is a a huge room off the garage with a pool table in it! And a player piano!

Look at that SPACE. (The pool table and player piano are now gone. Sadly. )

Now, let’s take long look and a deep breath. Check out that floor. It is, in fact, carpet. At one time it was a lemon-lime color. It probably matched the lemon-lime wall seen here. Delicious. Now, that carpet could be carbon dated. I peeked carefully under it and there is a poured cement floor!!!!

What to do with the floor in this AMAZING space?


(This image came from Pinterest.) Stenciled floor. I love how the pattern here fades in and out again. It is not crisp and perfect.


Or this beautiful stained floor. It looks like water. (Photo from Pinterest)

Have you ever hit the concrete floor design challenge in your house? How would you tackle this?

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4 Comments to The GAME room!
    • Kat
    • Hmmm, since this is going to be a tiki bar I think you’ve got to do something that would fit in there. How about a stencil with a bamboo look to it?

    • Jenny K
    • Paint it someway. We have friends that have concrete stained floors in their kitchen- they look awesome. A tiki bar- that needs our pool by it. Andy is wanting to build a tiki hut on our pool deck.

    • Tammy
    • I have painted my family room (garage conversion) floor for years and have never liked it. The paint chips off, it stains badly with everything that it comes into contact with and is slippery because it has to be sealed. Yes you can buy paint and sealer in one however it is crap, same goes for primer and paint by the way. Other people that I know also have been painting their concrete for years and not one of us is happy with it. We have each tried different combos and types of paint. After seeing this, I will be stripping my floors next summer and staining. This should not be too difficult since the paint peals off already. Staining has to be better. Good luck!

    • Marlene
    • Skate Party! Perfect flooring to learn to skate. Similar to rinks. Smooth and
      clean. Hope you have several skate sessions before you change the floor.
      Concrete tends to be cold. In an enclosed area even colder. Out door carpeting has a thin pile and gives warmth and padding. Vac just glides over the flooring.

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