Measuring Rooms

When you are moving, it seems like the “in between time” stretches out to the horizon. To pass the time, I mentally move in and decorate. ( And, mentally win the lottery. )  I plan out rooms in my mind and on Pinterest. (kiddo’s room, Pool, game room…)

I used to carry a note book and have the measurements of each room in my purse, in case a flea market produced the “exact right piece” that I didn’t know I was waiting for, I could check to see if our space would fit the new treasure.
Last time I went to the new house, I had a measuring tape and a graph paper note book, of course. But I had also loaded up Room Scan.
This app is SO cool. You walk around and touch the walls, and it measures the room for you.


It was surprising how well it worked. It took a minute to get the hang of it, but then, I ripped around the rooms no problem.

Now, I have all the measurements in my phone!

I had some challenges getting the app to read the ‘cuts’ in rooms that are unusual shapes. Like the living room that has a fire place that sticks out along the main wall. But this could certainly be learned.   I was not able to get the phone to read where the doors are placed. And that would be VERY helpful. I noticed there is a Pro version of the app, available for $19.00. I will think about that. Clearly, I am a “Pro”.

What about you? Do you have some favorite apps to help you track things that used to be in a notebook? Or, do you have an app to help you pick a winning lotto ticket? Just asking.


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    • DrRuss
    • I use Documents to Go. I use Excel Spreadsheets to organize my art supplies and then mail them to myself. I can then open them up in Documents to Go and read where ever I am. I do this for glitter colors, watercolor concentrate, ribbon sizes/colors/type, acrylic paints, and paper. This really helps me from buying duplicates whenever I am in a craft/art supply store.

      Another app that I find extremely useful is My Library. It allows me to scan the bar codes of my books and keeps them organized so I can prevent from buying duplicates of those as well. Very helpful.

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