Project: BIG Sparkle Bag

I had some red sparkle naugahyde in the house (doesn’t everyone?) and I made a bag. I wore it out and got a compliment on it within 10 minutes of pulling it off the sewing machine. So, let me help you whip one up too!


BIG Sparkle Bag

Note: Supplies and directions will yield a bag 15.5 tall
22 seam to seam on the top (so 44 circumference at the mouth of the bag)
5.5 deep on the bottom.


  • sparkle naugahyde, ( enough to cut one 37″ x 23″ piece)
  • lining fabric (upholstery fabric recommended), same amount as the naugahyde
  • matching thread
  • webbing for straps, long enough to make two straps the length you want
  • scrap of paper or tissue



  • craft scissors
  • fabric scissors
  • heavy machine needles
  • sewing machine
  • Iron

Cut two rectangles the same size. One out of naugahyde and one out of the lining fabric. (If you would like yours the same huge size as mine, 37″ x 23″)
Fold the naugahyde in half, right side in. Seam up the sides of the naugahyde. Repeat with the lining fabric. Press a 5/8″ fold in the top of the lining fabric all the way around.
Sew the “feet” into the naugahyde portion of the bag.
Shown here: the base of the triangle is 5″ across, and the height is 2.5 inches at the seam.
Sew the feet on the lining fabric the same way.
Insert the lining “bag” into the naugahyde bag. The right side of the lining fabric should be facing you as you look into the bag. So you are sewing them wrong sides together. Turn the smallest amount of fabric over the lip of the naugahyde and sew it all the way around. (If you put the fabric side down, your feed teeth should be okay, and pull the two fabrics through. I did not want to even attempt to use pins. And I did not want to leave holes in the glitter. So I just moved slowly and carefully.)
I found this great goldenrod webbing for the handles. I could not have been happier. I turned 1/4 inch under, and zig-zagged it down. If you find a heavier canvas webbing, I would just zig-zag the edge (but NOT turn it under).
I measured carefully from the seams, and placed the handles where I wanted them. The first seam was just along the seam line that was already there for the turn down lip of the lining fabric. That was just to hold the strap in place. I measured 2.5 inches down.
Cut a rectangle of paper or tissue that matches the size of the webbing that you have. Place it on the outside of the bag, and sew and “X” on the paper.
The paper allows the presser foot to move along, and not get stuck on the rubbery fabric. Peel the paper away (carefully)
And voila, the bag is done!!

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