Advent Calendar Project ’13 – Week 17

(For the 24 weeks leading up to December 1st, we’ll be making a Christmas ornament. Each one will be traditional to or inspired by a different country)

Let’s finish off the Scandinavian countries this week with an ornament from Norway.

Norway is the original home of the Yule Log. Before Norway became Christian and people started celebrating Christmas, they celebrated Jul, a celebration of the return of the sun at the winter solstice and a look ahead to spring. Yule logs were burned during this darkest time of winter to bring luck in the new year. Now most Norwegians celebrate Christmas. Children leave out bowls of rice porridge for Julenissen, a cross between Santa and a nisse (gnome), who brings good children presents and plays tricks on bad ones.
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
The woven heart is a traditional Christmas ornament throughout most of Scandinavia. Children often make paper versions of it in school. It is often made in a basket form and filled with small candies before being hung on the tree.

I made our version from felt and stuffed it so it will last for many years.

Stuffed Woven Heart Ornament


  • paper to create pattern
  • red and white felt
  • red embroidery thread
  • stuffing
  • jump ring


  • ruler
  • scissors
  • hand sewing needle

1. Create a pattern on paper – Draw a rectangle. (Mine were 3″ x 4″) Round off one end of the rectangle. I also measured out where I was going to do my cuts for the weaving but you don’t need to at this point.
2. Cut your felt pieces – Use the pattern to cut a red and a white piece of felt.
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
Now measure out three equal cuts across the short side of the pieces to create 4 “legs.” The cuts should start where the curved edge starts on each piece. Make sure they are the same length and width on both the red and white pieces.

3. Weave the red and white “legs.” You may need to trim a little to get a nice heart shape.
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
4. Use the woven heart to cut out another heart the same size in red felt.
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
5. Place the red felt heart and the woven heart together right sides facing out. Sew together with red embroidery thread about 1/8″ in from the edge. Lightly stuff before completely sewing (if you stuff it too much your weaving will gap).
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
6. Make a hole at the top with a needle and put the jump ring through it.
Advent Calendar Project '13 - Week 17
Tie a piece of embroidery thread or ribbon through the jump ring to use as a hanger.

God jul!

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    • DrRuss
    • I love this. I have always wanted to make paper versions of this. I can’t believe that you are already at week 17. Where has the time gone?

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