PPR Challenge 8 – Kat’s Design

This week we all got to intern for Heidi, designing workout wear for her New Balance collection. I was hoping we wouldn’t have this challenge this season, but she is the executive producer….

For my design, I thought about people who workout in colder climates like where I live. Minnesotans are a hardy bunch and people workout outside in the dead of winter. (How else can you explain a city with winters like ours being the top biking city in the country?!) I wanted to create an outfit that would be good for running or walking in those colder temperatures.
Project Project Runway Challenge 8 - Having a Field Day
So, my top is color blocked with long-sleeves and a thick warm turtleneck. Covering the neck was important to me, because who wants to wear a scarf while running? I added a pocket to the front as a place to put your hands when you stop or hold a few things.

You cannot get piping for this scale of sewing, so instead I embellished my look with some machine embroidery on the pocket and on one leg of the pants. I was hoping for a modern look. I think of this outfit as one that can be worn in the late fall and then layered for winter workouts. The only accessory I would use is a pair of New Balance shoes (jewelry and purses are silly with workout wear.)

So, what would the judges think? I finished my design, took a look at it and could just hear Michael Kors saying it looks like a Star Trek uniform. I groaned to myself, that was not the modern look I was going for. Oh well, I’m still proud of the work I put into this look and I stand by the idea a real woman would wear it to work out. It will never be the look I am proudest of this season, but I certainly don’t think it’ll be the bottom of the pack.

What do you think?

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2 Comments to PPR Challenge 8 – Kat’s Design
    • Elle
    • Coming from someone who also has cold winters, I love this. The colors are striking and I like the design on the pocket and pant leg. I’m not really seeing Star Trek but that really made me laugh!

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