Wallpaper of Fruitdale

The little section of neighborhood we are moving into is called Fruitdale. Our house is a 1950’s era Ranch Style home. I think that one reason we were able to get the home is that people cannot see past wall paper. Everyone says they can, but in reality, when you are face to face with green bandana, it is a whole different story. When I saw the pictures of the house on line, I did recoil a bit. At the end of the day, it is just wall paper. When I actually saw the house, the patterns were not nearly as bad as I had prepared myself for. Let me show you:

Here is some from the hallway
The flowers are about dime size, so the paper reads like a a polka dot.
In the dining room, we are sporting a green floral.
That’s the corner. When you see it in person, it reads like a bandana pattern.
That one is growing on me. (don’t laugh)
Then, in one of the bathrooms, there is an old school yellow floral.
There it is. I have not had a favorable response to this.
Nope. That bathroom will be one of the first to be updated. Yeeeeeiks.

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3 Comments to Wallpaper of Fruitdale
    • Jenny
    • I’m gonna be honest, I really like the yellow floral. However, my taste has been referred to as “tacky old woman” so I might not be the best judge…

    • Jusa
    • Ironic that you worked so hard to stage your house, yet you bought this house, funky wallpaper and all. You should have seen the wallpaper in the house we bought–worse than yours by far. I only saw the house once before we moved in (young and naive). Interestingly, I had remembered the two rooms where I sort of liked the wallpaper, and had completely forgotten the two rooms with the really, really ugly wallpaper, and the faux brick paneling in the kitchen. I’m thinking that when you stage a house, it really matters more to have some aspect that grabs the eye and makes you think, “Ah hah, I love this (whatever)” than to have the whole house be a perfect blank slate. I remember the first thing I saw when we walked into this house was a wall of cheap paneling. I thought to myself, “If we ever bought this house, that would be the first thing to go.” I never did remove it, but eventually painted it, which was a surprisingly successful upgrade and relatively easy and cheap. Have fun making the house your home.

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