PPR Challenge 5 – Kat’s Design

It’s another unconventional materials challenge for Project Runway. This week we could chose materials from two of three different places; a wallpaper store (on the show it was vintage wallpaper, but who has one of those in their town?), a gourmet food store, and a party supply/home good store. I went with the gourmet foods and home good getting some Lentils du Puy and paper towels. (I also had garbage bags, but decided not to use them.)
PPR Challenge 5 - YOU Chose Your Materials
Since we were to create a luxurious look, I planned to do a gown. My final design actually ended up being mid-calf, but I still think it looks luxurious.
PPR Challenge 5 - YOU Chose Your Materials
I really like the way the paper towel ended up working as the main “fabric.” The embossed pattern on it added a subtle pattern to the dress, it actually reminds me of the embossed wallpapers you can get and paint. I wanted to have layers draping on one side. The paper towels really wouldn’t drape like a fabric would, so I did diagonal tiers instead.
PPR Challenge 5 - YOU Chose Your Materials
I turned the lentils into a heavy beaded neckpiece for the halter-style top. I sort of wish I had black beluga lentils instead of the lentils de puy because they are smaller and well, blacker, but I had to use what I had. The shades of brown give them a natural, almost stone, look.
PPR Challenge 5 - YOU Chose Your Materials
I went with gold accessories because I think gold pops with the white and looks lovely with the brown lentils. The neckline of the dress is heavily “beaded” so she didn’t need much else.

So, how do I think I did this week? Well, I’m not sure I did enough. It seems like the judges like things to be over the top for these conventional challenges, but I went where the materials inspired me to go and kept it looking like fashion not costume. I think I would have been safe this week and not had much discussion on the runway. What do you think?

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3 Comments to PPR Challenge 5 – Kat’s Design
    • Susi
    • This looks GREAT. The Paper towel pattern really takes it up a notch. And the draping on the bias is very flattering. It would hold up well in the “close up look with Tim”.

    • Elle
    • the first thing I thought was that the lentils looked like stones! I also love the draping of the paper towels and how it looks embossed. I’m sure the judges would approve!

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