Fixing Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear is the highest ranking official in her life.
He is a comfort to her.
pooh and the bridge
(Nov 9 2011)
And to say he is “well loved” is not even the beginning.
When she was small, her God Mother brought over Pooh.
Pez and Pooh
It was her favorite, so we got a second one, just in case.
The second bear became Pooh Bear Mama. And was never touched. Here are Pooh Bear and Pooh Bear Mama together.
(These both started their life the same size, shape and color.)

Now, Pooh’s feet are getting worn out.
And I took it on as a craft challenge.
I carefully picked the pads off the ends of his legs. And I traced around them on new corduroy.
Amelia is holding Pooh Bear’s hand to make sure he is not scared.
I embroidered the “paw marks” around the edge with brown floss. I tried turning under a hem and sewing the pad on at the same time, and the result was horrific. So I took it off. Next, I hemmed the little paw circles and basted them down first. Then I took each one and sewed it carefully on.
When I had the feet open, I took a moment to “check the stuffing”. It was “compacted” and actually visibly dirty. Let me take a moment to assure you that Pooh is no stranger to the washing machine. (I am quite emphatic about Poohs cleanliness.) And that in his advanced condition, I have taken to soaking Pooh in warm “baths” with gentle wash liquids instead of the machine. And yet, still, our little friend’s stuffing was dirty.
The stuffing there is not in shadow. That is actually dirty stuffing. (snicker)
I changed that stuffing out for fresher, cleaner fiberfil. I didn’t change his overall appearance. I just fortified his legs and hips.

When I returned him to his owner for her inspection and approval, this is what I got.
And there was NO chance she was letting him go for a photo shoot.
Here is how the new feet look.
We were both pleased.

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6 Comments to Fixing Pooh Bear
    • Lisa Paul
    • Hooray for Pooh and his make-over. Reminds me of that “wash and brush up” scene in The Wizard of Oz where Scarecrow’s make-over includes new clean straw.

    • Linda
    • My Mom and Grandma use to tell me stories of my Mom having a Teddy when she was little and she too wore his little feet off. Grandma kept replacing them. She said she got so tired and would run out of scraps so she mad boots for Teddy out of Grandpa’s old overalls. She said they sure lasted longer. Your story brought back this story for me. Thank You For the Memories.

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