New Loft – Wooden Bedroom Wall

So as of Friday, we officially own our new loft. Now it is time to really get in there an start doing it up the way we want. We have so many ideas flying around it’s hard to know where to even start, right now it is all a big blank slate (Ok, not a blank slate, but a big open space painted in colors we want to change.) We’ve been talking a lot about doing some sort of feature wall in the bedroom behind the bed. Here is what the room looked like when we bought it.
It is a pretty shade of blue, but our current bedroom is blue and we’d like a change.

At first I was just going to paint the wall a dark grey, but then Matt said he’d like to see something with a little more texture. We batted around the idea of a faux brick wall. It would certainly add to the industrial look, but it is pricey and it think finding a good looking brick facade is tricky. Then we looked at wallpapers thinking a grey grasscloth would be pretty. It is hard to find a good dark grey grasscloth. The next thought was textured wallpaper that you paint. There are lots of interesting designs in this paper and you can paint it the exact color you want. This may still be a good option, but then Matt suggested a wood wall.
We were looking at flooring for the floor, but when we saw some of the colors we thought they would be perfect for the walls. It would give great texture and just a little bit of rusticity which will be nice mixed with the modern furniture we are planning. We could go very dark or a more worn grey look.
I’ve seen it done a few times on home remodeling shows and Home Depot has a nice tutorial online about how to do it. I’m thinking this might just be the winning option. If we do it I’ll be sure to show you lots of pictures of the process.

Have any of you ever used flooring as a wall cover or seen it done? How did it turn out?

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5 Comments to New Loft – Wooden Bedroom Wall
    • DrRuss
    • I applied vintage tin ceiling tiles to a wall behind the bed similar to your feature wall. It was a great way to save some tiles that were being thrown away. I painted and distressed them to give them an old world feel in an industrial loft. I will see if I can dig up some pictures for you.

      Congratulations on your new loft. I know you will be happy. Best wishes–russ

    • Susan
    • I used flooring vertically for wainscoting in my daughter’s bedroom. I wallpapered above it, then ran a horizontal row of the same flooring across the joining. That was 30 years ago, and she still says it was the best room she ever had.

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