Organizing My Craft Room With Help From Martha

If you’ve followed this site for a while you know I have a problem keeping my craft room neat and organized, I even made fixing this one of my crafty resolutions for 2013. Ok, I’m going to embarrass myself now and give you all a peek into why this has become such an issue.
My craft room is a little room under the eaves in our attic and the only work space I have is this long table. The problem is the table is covered with all the bits and bobs from past projects as well as glue, scissors and other supplies. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not doing as many projects as I’d like because finding the space and tools to do them has become a pain.

When Avery and BlogHer offered me the opportunity to try out the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager it was just the inspiration I needed to get my craft room together. I started off by cleaning everything off my work space. I threw away everything that was too small to use in another project or that I just didn’t need anymore. (You crafters know how hard it is to throw any scrap away because it might come in handy later, but I forced myself to be brutal.) Then I hung the Wall Manager above my cleaned off table.
Because my craft room is under the eaves, the wall space is a little odd with slanted sides. The nice thing about this Wall Manager organization system is it comes in 12″ x 12″ pieces which can be moved around to use the space to the best advantage. For my slanted wall, I was able to create a sort of stair step effect and use five elements (actually, I even have room for one more). With a large square single piece, like a bulletin board, I’ve been really restricted in size because of that slant. The pieces were very easy to hang thanks to their wall mounts. The wall mounts all have a built in bubble level to help get them straight. Wall safe adhesive on the back of the mounts holds them in place while you nail them in, no holding with one hand while trying to nail with the other. Guidelines at the corners help line up multiple wall mounts.
IMG_7202 IMG_7204
The boards all use the same wall mount, so you can play with which piece goes where after the mounts are hung. This is important if you are like me and aren’t sure what you want where at first. Once the Wall Manager was hung, it was time for the fun of filling it up. I used a bulletin board, dry erase magnetic board, dry erase calendar and two accessory boards. IMG_7218
There are lots of pieces available to use on the accessory boards from drawers to clips to caddies to shelves. I love how stable they are and that they could support things like all my glue bottles easily. This is such a great way to get all this stuff off my work surface. I think I may need to get one or two more of the accessory boards. I can see getting a whole board full of drawers just to store beads… oh the ideas.
And here is the final result of my big clean up.
What a breath of fresh air that is! By getting all this stuff off the table it gives me much more room to lay out fabric and work on large projects. I feel like everything has a place now and I’m inspired to keep it that way. The white looks great in my office and keeps it feeling open. (The Wall Manager also comes in black which I think might be a great solution for my husband’s office to display all his Lego Minifigs.)

**5/1/13 The contest is now closed.

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163 Comments to Organizing My Craft Room With Help From Martha
    • Dale
    • I just got an office for my small business, where I do everything from bookkeeping to creating small crafty promotional products. I would use the organizer there!

    • Manisha
    • My goal this spring is to clean out our front porch (three season) and turn it into a craft and playroom. This sort of organizer would be perfect. I love what you’ve done with it in your own craft room!

    • NameKathleen
    • Love your new organized space! Has to make you want to create! I’d use the Martha Stewart organizer on the wall above my cutting table in my sewing room.

    • Seanna Lea
    • I wouldn’t use it right now, even though my craft room is in desperate need of some love. However, I’m going to be moving mid-year and it would be lovely to have it all nice and ship shape from the beginning.

    • Elle
    • Oh my gosh, your craft area looks amazing! You must feel so refreshed in there now.

      I’d use this at my desk. I make my jewelry in the dining room because there’s not enough room at my desk. My desk is currently a mess. I have papers from the kid’s schools, my stuff, desk toys, etc. I need to organize!

    • Anne-Marie
    • I have the same kind of slanting wall just where my desk is, so seeing how you used this is great inspiration for me…..I would use it in exactly the same way as you, :)…..thanks for the chance to win!

    • grace
    • My art/craft room. Don’t really have a big room (part of basement) and would love to win this so I can organize it better. Need some organization especially I am going to start some art classes for some kids. Thanks for the chance!

    • LinhC
    • I would use the system in my kitchen area so all of our keys, phones, calendars, and papers will be organized and pretty!

    • Ruth D
    • I would use the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager in my spare room so I could get my yarn and fabric and patterns and all the rest of my stuff out of the tubs they live in. That would let me see what I have and group things together smarter. It would also free up a ton of floor space so I’d have room to open up my cutting table and sit comfortably.

    • Mo Hall
    • My craft space currently looks like your before picture. I am sure imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because I shall be doing the same as you, I just ordered the cutting mat last night before I read this, so I have made a start at least, the voucher would help me with the rest!

    • Bob'sGal
    • I am inspired by your new space and delighted to find out that “Crafty” Martha has done it again…. only she and her “Crafty Elves” would think of a built in leveler and temp. holding tabs….. Off to my Staples this AM to find the organization tool that will finally allow me to see the top of my workspace. Also thank you for giving me permission to toss those annoying little pieces of “Potential, I May Need This Someday”…. I have drawers full of them taking up precious space and VERRRRRRY rarely find just the right one to use….!!!!! YIKES! Hope I win so I can by several….

    • Cathy T
    • I’d definitely use it in my studio. Oh, what a help it would be for those items I use all the time. I’d love to have them organized and within arm’s reach.

    • lauren taylor
    • living in a small one bedroom, having the space for all of my craft stuff is difficult! this would be perfect to help keep things neat and organized in a small space. 🙂

    • Madonna
    • I have a little cubbyhole in my bedroom that is my computer area and it always is such a mess because of being so small and not really having a place for everything. I would fix that spot up and make it neat and cute.

    • SYoder
    • This would be a great addition to the blank walls in my home office. With “stuff” ranging from work to school, it would be a great way to give those papers a home.

    • Carolsue
    • I would use it in my den — I have so much loose paper, scissors, pens, pencils — you name it — lying around everywhere. This would help keep it all together.

    • Maureen
    • These would be great in our home office.
      Right now it is just a pull out bed (as it is also the guest room) and a desk with a computer and lamp. It would be great for some organization thought to go into the room.

    • Kelly D
    • I would use this in our computer room, above our computer desk. We could organize our important bills, a couple of small gadgets and random items. It would be a great organizational tool for us to help clear up space on our desk.

    • Liz
    • We’d put this right by the door in the kitchen so that every member of our family can check schedules, write messages and reminders, and leave important documents and papers.

    • Anastasia
    • I would use it in my living room, which doubles as my office 🙂 Finally put up all this paperwork, files and sticker notes that litter the table 🙂

    • Stephanie Larison
    • I’d love to have this in my home office. I work from home and there’s always so much clutter around my desk. I’d put it right above my computers, that would keep me organized so much better!

    • Shannon
    • Wow this is awesome! I would use it in the kitchen to help organize the never ending pile of stuff that ends up on our kitchen table!

    • Emily N.
    • I’d use the organizer in my den to put weekly papers, shopping lists, ad circulars, coupons and notebooks I need to reference regularly.

    • Amy Tong
    • These Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager products are cool. I love how organized your space look after putting them on the wall. I will use them at my home office. I have some kids pictures and drawings I want to hang up and I need a place for my receipts and crafting tools.

      amy [at] utry [dot] it

    • Elena
    • I would put the wall manager in my kitchen/dining to use as a home command center and corral all the office supplies needed on a daily basis.

    • catherine copeland
    • My home office area is my kitchen table but Lord knows I need to organize all my information!!!! I desperately need to get all the important paperwork together & have a central place of the keys, etc.

    • CJ
    • I have 3 places to use it: The craft closet because currently we are limited by the shelves that are fixed so have no flexibility for different height supplies and these adjustable bins are fabulous. The kitchen because papers and do-dads currently clutter the counter and the junk drawer is full – this would revolutionize the storage for all those papers in transit with a calendar and place to take notes all in one place. Finally, my office – getting everything vertical to free up surfaces and keep them easily accessible. The clean lines and uniform color are really appealing too.

    • Rebecca Graham
    • My home office could use some Martha Stewart help and ideas. This would be what I need to organize my papers and take the clutter off my desk. I would use this in my home office for that purpose.

    • Cori Westphal
    • I could use this for organizing my kids’ homework! What needs to be done, what’s already done and needs to be turned in, library books, and all the tools needed to get the work done!

      coriwestphal at msn dot com

    • ky2here
    • My home office needs a total re-do. I’m ready to ditch the mismatched big lots crap and replace it with Martha’s coordinated collection.

    • Sylvia Zajis
    • I am moving into a new home next month and want my office/craft area to be neat and organized. I have so much stuff but no where to store it. I would love to use the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager products right above my desk!

    • Ellie W
    • I would use it in my home office, which is really just a corner of the family room. It would be great to help organize my work and the kids school work.

    • Elizabeth Owens
    • I love what you did and just how much it holds! I think I would use this in our office to clean it up. I have so many scrap booking supplies and art supplies this would be perfect

      elizzzzzabeth at yahoo dot com

    • susan smoaks
    • I would use the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager products to get my home office organized. I have a tendency to be messy and that leads to a lot of time wasted searching for things, this would be a lifesaver!

    • Sarah L
    • I’d use the Avery Wall Manager products to organize the stuff around my computer.
      Thanks for the contest.

      I have received a sweepstakes entry in exchange for commenting about this Promotion (I read the official rules)

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