SCRAP is a recycle paradise. Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts. It is the place where all good supplies go to try to grasp a new life.

The first thing we need to discuss is the neighborhood that we were visiting. It is truly the arm pit of San Francisco. The road is paved, but there is no curb and no sidewalk, so you pull off the road and into the mud/litter/”grass” shoulder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the country, when it is the country. When I am visiting an industrial San Francisco neighborhood, the mud translates to urban decay. Think underpass, homeless, shopping cart with no grocery store… now you have the general setting.
On the gate on the way in, there is an  chain link fence, that is decorated with color sample chips (and I am holding Amelia’s hand, tightly).
Here is a close up of the green swatches
We visited looking for inspiration for our preschool projects.The whole place is a dichotomy. It is part wonderful, eclectic recycling center and part smelly, oookey collections of junk. Just when you think the scale is going to tip one direction, something else jumps out and grabs your attention and throws you “the other way”. It’s a funny place.
These flowers are quite alluring. But at $5 a pack, they are not cheap.

Here is a selection of fabric.
And a lamp shade collection. (?!)

Here is an amazing collection of amber bottles. And there were tiny little caps to go on these too. But, what would they become?

Amelia found the mother lode
These laser sparkle dangling paper spirals (for .10 each!), She still has hers and plays with it.

I am not sure what can be made out of 1/2 used candles.

And just when I feel the scales tipping towards “hoarders”, this great paper wreath catches my eye.

On the way out, there was a metric ton of old school popcorn bags.
Popcorn bags
I would love to try to make the cone wreath out of those.

We skipped out with our spiral sparkling thing. And our house is 3 bags of donations lighter! Phew!

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2 Comments to SCRAP
    • Kim D
    • I visited SCRAP once. I live in Sacramento. I remember my friend reading the directions to me, and me going “Are you sure this is right”. I do remember the aroma, but I found some really cool things–a little vase and some buttons. The fabric looks better organized than I remember.

      • Susi
      • Kim, You got it! I question myself as I drive in with my kid! “Really, (I say to myself) we are going to turn HERE? And go under this underpass?!” But I figure there are teachers and other like minded people there, so it must be safe enough to park right outside, and go in. : )

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