Quilt of the Day: Original Work For Our Preschool!

Our Preschool is having an auction at the end of February. One of the main pieces at this large fancy event is “the Quilt”.

This year, the submission is crafted by a professional textile designer. Here is what she has to say about designing and making the quilt.
“Making the quilt this year was a very enjoyable process. It all started one day with a big sheet of paper, a few bowls of paint and some toy cars, trains and tractors. The kids really had fun with the ‘Making Tracks Project’ as they lowered all the various vehicles into the paint and ‘drove’ them across the paper! The end result of criss-cross lines looked very effective. So much pattern, texture and color was asking to be transferred to a textile. These images where them digitally printed onto linen fabric.
The plain linen blocks in the quilt are varied, different and distributed in a random pattern. In many cases no two are the same, just like the personalities of the children.
The ‘Red School House’ motif, of course, represents Miraloma’s own well loved little red school house. This pattern is a traditional one, it dates from the 1800s when quilters liked to depict things from their community that were important to them. What could be more important than a child’s education.”

This HUGE piece is hand quilted too! Color me impressed.
Raffle tickets will be sold and then, the winner will be drawn from those tickets. !!! Someone will be winning quite a piece.

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