Iron Craft ’13 #3 – Heart Coffee Sleeve

I got some coffee bags. And I have been on a roll. First I made Christmas Stockings. For this challenge, I have made some coffee cup sleeves.


  • coffee sleeves from the store (as a template)
  • burlap (tan and small amounts of red)
  • double sided iron on
  • tan and red thread


  • sewing machine
  • craft scissors (this Burlap is so full of twigs and muck, that I will not allow my sewing scissors to cut it. Even though it is technically “fabric”)
  • pins

Note: this burlap is a MESS. I am not kidding. Get your other fabric out of the way. Clear your cutting and sewing space.
Use the coffee sleeves as a template. Open one up and pin it to your fabric.
(If you have a fabric with a pattern or a “right side up” it is important to note that the sleeve has a slight curve. It should be cut out like a “frown”. That will make the pattern go in the right direction. )
Cut the piece out.
Then zig zag around the edges to give them some strength and longevity.
Place the double sided iron on down on the red burlap. Iron one side down. Cut out hearts.
(See the mess in this picture. It sticks to everything. Fair warning.)
Peal the paper off, and place them on the sleeves. (Again here, the sleeves need to be in the “frown” position, and then place the heart, and it will be right side up.)
Iron the heart down. Then, zig zag round the heard (in red).

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2 Comments to Iron Craft ’13 #3 – Heart Coffee Sleeve
    • DrRuss
    • I admire anyone who works in burlap. Last time I worked with it, I itched for days. The only thing worse than burlap is glitter in their ability to get into everything. Great job.

      • Susi
      • I am laughing that you refer to glitter as a collective. : ) We don’t use loose glitter. We trap it in “glitter glue” format, and then at least we have containment. And yes, the burlap is insidious. I did issue a warning. But it is hard to warn without sounding neurotic. I’m glad that you understand.

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