Handmade Valentines

Do you still have time for Hand Made Valentines? You Bet! You still have time to make them AND mail them if you want!!
I sat down with my artist and we made ours this weekend. We had to make enough for ALL of the little people who go to preschool (30). And then we had to make the rest for the other important people in our life (that’s 10 more).
Here is how we did it.


  • cards with envelopes (I found packs of cards for $1 in the bins in the front of Michael’s. They had a little design on the front, but we covered that.)
  • playing cards (ours from broken decks)
  • doilies
  • assorted stickers
  • assorted tubes of glitter glue
  • rubber cement
  • a lei

Other possible supplies:

  • tissue paper
  • paint
  • rubber stamps
  • sequins
  • finger paint

I started by wiping the glitter glue on the card itself to give a nice sparkle base.
(Here you can see that the cards had a silver shoe on them. This did not detract from our Valentine mission.)

On some I glued a playing card. We broke the lei (beforehand, I admit) and on some I glued a flower.
In the middle of each doily was an embossed rose bud. She wanted the little rose to be featured. So she cut all the “lace” off, and just left “the flower in the circle” I took the lace part, and laid it down on a bunch of other cards.

The trick is to put down the biggest and the flattest thing first, then build from there.
I will tell you, this is the most fun I’ve had with the kid in a while. She did her own thing. She cracked me up, and charmed me. She was wearing a white “fur” bolero jacket, and a ballet leotard for this project. (She took off the fur for fear of messing it up.) “More is more” and “glitter is better,” these are words to live by. Let’s all be clear on that.

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    • Katherine
    • That looks like a lot of fun! I think my two (3 years and nearly 2 years) would have a blast picking decorations for cards like that. We might have to make a few for grandparents…

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