Project: Rosebud Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights. I’d have them up around our house all year round if my husband let me. They make me feel like an ordinary day is special. I was inspired to make this Valentine’s Day themed set by some I saw for sale at Target last week.
Rosebud Fariy Lights
I think they turned out really sweet and I love the glow of the light through the sheer red ribbon. They really couldn’t be simpler to make either.
Rosebud Fariy Lights
I made them with Valentine’s Day in mind, but they would be beautiful for a garden party, a girl’s room or just any place you wanted to feel a little special.

(By the way, the ones at Target were $10. These only cost me the price of the ribbon which was about $1.50. I already owned the fairy lights and the floral tape.)

Rosebud Fairy Lights


  • string of small white, pink or red lights (you want the kind that don’t get hot), I used really tiny lights.

Rosebud Fariy Lights

  • sheer wired ribbon in red or pink, I had 9 ft of ribbon and covered 20 small lights with enough leftover to do 1 or 2 more. The ribbon should be wider than your lights, mine was 1.5 inches.

Rosebud Fariy Lights

  • floral tape in a color to match the light cord


  • Scissors

1. Turn the end of the ribbon in just a tiny bit, 1/8 – 1/4 inch. Then turn once more, enough to surround one light.
Rosebud Fariy Lights Rosebud Fariy Lights
2. Keep wrapping the ribbon around the light, holding it tight at the base of the bulb. I folded the bottom wire in on itself one or two time to keep it tight at the bottom, but give more volume on top.
Rosebud Fariy Lights Rosebud Fariy Lights
Wrap the ribbon 3 times around the light (or as many as you think looks nice). Cut the ribbon.
Rosebud Fariy Lights
3. Rip or cut off a small piece of floral tape, 2 – 3 inches. Wrap the tape tightly around the base of the light and the wound ribbon. This hold it in place. Bend the top wire to shape as you wish.
Rosebud Fariy Lights

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23 Comments to Project: Rosebud Fairy Lights
    • DrRuss
    • Kat and Susi,

      I have just posted my love affair with the Iron Craft Challenges in which the two of you are mentioned. Please feel free to share with anyone you think would enjoy.

      Maybe other people will be just as inspired to join the challenges. Best wishes for a great weekend.

      Thanks for everything the two of you do.

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    • Shelly
    • These are such a cute idea. Im going to make some for my girls room and surprise them with having them up when they get home from school! Thanks

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    • Molly
    • These are super cute! I’m planning on making them as decorations for my grad party!
      I was just wondering what brand of lights you used. Did the box specifically say that they didn’t get hot?

      • Kat
      • Molly – I don’t remember the brand, but I go them at Joann’s and they are for use on wreaths & in floral arrangements. Most modern lights do not get hot, especially leds.

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