Iron Craft ’16 Challenge #15 – Glue Snowflakes

For this Iron Craft challenge, we were supposed to use the word “cool” as our prompt. Well, what could be cooler than snowflakes? Over the past couple of years, I have been intrigued by the snowflake ornaments made from hot glue. Some of them really looked spectacular so I wanted to give it a try. While I was pulling out my hot glue, I decided to try making them with a few different glues, so let’s call this the glue snowflake tests.

I started out by printing a sheet of simple snowflake patterns about 2.5″ each. I put a sheet of wax paper on top of these snowflakes wax side up and taped them together so I wouldn’t get movement. Then I “drew” the snowflakes with the different glues on top of the wax paper. I used a toothpick to clean up any mistakes on all the snowflakes.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
First, I tried glitter glue that I picked up in the dollar store. The glue had a gel consistency, but wasn’t so thick that it was hard to get out of the bottle. I really liked how this glue worked for drawing, it didn’t spread and the pointed tip made it easy to draw lines.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
Second, I tried Tacky Glue. It was hard to draw nicely with this because it tended to get strings between the drawing and the bottle. It also spread more and more as it dried. Because it didn’t dry right away, I sprinkled some white glitter on it.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
Lastly, I went with hot glue, which was what I had seen done before. I found it really hard to get consistent width lines with the hot glue. Surprisingly though, strings were less of a problem then with the Tacky Glue. The hot glue dries very fast which makes it hard to get glitter to stick.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
And now for the results after drying overnight.
The glitter gel was the one I had the most hope for, but it dried completely flat. I was able to gently peel it from the wax paper, but would never have gotten a whole one off in one piece and it wouldn’t hold its shape.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
The Tacky Glue was the most successful. It easily pulled from the wax paper and holds its shape. It is still quite bendy though and I wouldn’t hang it as an ornament.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes
The hot glue, which was supposed to be the version that made beautiful snowflakes according to Pinterest, was a mess. It completely stuck to the wax paper. I imagine the heat melted the wax a little. It is also quite bendy.
Iron Craft '16 Challenge #15 - Glue Snowflakes

All and all, I would call this one an Iron Craft fail!

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