Coffee Bag Stockings

I have had an idea brewing for a while now. I needed burlap coffee bags. Finally I asked our favorite coffee shop owner, Bernie, if she had access to any.

(picture from Flickr MalcolmC22. Thank you.)

After just a few days, I had the mother load.
I wanted to make something nice as a thank you to Bernie and her staff. We have been hangin’ around since before the little Sprout was even born.
That is Bernie, and my goofy little (tiny) baby.

Bernie should actually run for Mayor.

So here I give you…

Espresso Stockings


  • coffee bags
  • pattern paper
  • matching thread
  • ribbon (for accent)
  • fabric glue


  • scissors
  • pins
  • Sharpie marker
  • sewing machine
  • shop vac (no joke, this stuff is a MESS!!)

1. Make a pattern for a stocking. This is a little harder that I thought it would be. A couple of tricks to get the proportions right, make the toe point down a little bit and don’t make the leg too thick.


2. Pin the pattern to the bag, and cut it out. Take care to place the pattern so that it is over something that you want to highlight like the word “Coffee”.

3. Sew the leg on the heel side. Open the sock up, and hem the top. (This is the easiest time to do it. Especially if the sock is small.)

4. Sew the sock all the way around, right sides together. Then turn the sock right side out, and press. (do not push and pull or be violent, or the stitching will give, and the toe will pop open. )

5. Cut a length of ribbon for a loop. Sew to the back inside edge.  This will form a stocking hanger.
6. Optional name tag. Write carefully on a ribbon with a Sharpie. Chevron cut the end of the ribbon. I started the ribbon about 1.5 inches from the edge – a little bit off center. But you could just run the ribbon around the whole sock as well. Glue the ribbon to the sock with fabric glue. (Test a small piece on a scrap first, to make sure the glue does not discolor the ribbon.
Here they are, hanging in the shop. They were met with a great deal of enthusiasm. And that was fun.

Happy caffeinated holiday to you.

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