Inspiration: Gingerbread House – Mini Style

I saw these houses, and they sucked my breath away.

These are from Luluto. I haven’t put the the site into google translator yet, but I can promise you I will.
There is a great tutorial with a print out there so you can get the shape right.

I think that is an excellent play on the traditional cookie house. And, it would break your heart, but you MAY pop one in your mouth at the end of the cup of hot chocolate. At least, you would be more apt to eat these than you would be to break off a piece of a full size gingerbread house.

Happy Holidays to all of you! ‘Tis the crafty season!

Kathy and I had a conversation about these little gems. Kathy, among her other talents, has the memory of an elephant, and it is all cataloged in her noggin too!
It seems that Megan of Not Martha did something VERY similar in December of 2009. And that is all in English. And, of course, exceptionally beautiful! Please go visit her beautiful blog to see her version.
(The lovely Luluto made hers in 2011.)


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8 Comments to Inspiration: Gingerbread House – Mini Style
    • Lotta
    • How adorable! It’s a long time tradition in my family to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. (Unfortunately so is burning your finger on melted sugar while putting the pieces together.)
      Last year they sold a set of cake cutters to make mini gingerbread houses in our largest department store here in Sweden.
      I looked around and found someone who tried them out. Apparently they didn’t work very well but that could also be due to the store bought dough 🙂
      Anyway they were meant to sit on a cup as well. Here’s the link if you want to have a looksie:

      • Kat
      • Oh, I want a set of those cookie cutters! Is that a good enough excuse to head back to Sweden? I think the dough makes a big difference because you want to use one that doesn’t change size or shape too much while cooking.

        • Lotta
        • Of course! Any excuse to visit Sweden is a good one! I take it your family is from Sweden originally.
          The dough is very important indeed. My mum makes a special gingerbread dough fore the house and other large cookies used for decoration around the house. It hasn’t got the best taste but it holds its shape and is sturdy. If she bakes gingerbread cookies for eating (doesn’t happen every year, not as important for that special Christmas spirit as the decorative ones) she makes a different dough.

          • Lotta
          • … Large cookies used for decorations throughout our actual house that is. Not around the gingerbread house 🙂
            We have large gingerbread pigs hanging in the kitchen window and a whole bunch of hearts on the wall inside the front door. A great tip by the way; Mum makes one very large heart and writes “Merry Christmas from” on it. It’s hung on the wall and beneath it she hangs smaller hearts with each family members names written on them.

          • Kat
          • Lotta – My great-great grandparents came from Sweden. My husband and I visited last year & absolutely loved it.

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