Fabric Shopping with My “Helper”

I am lucky. There is no doubt about it.
And with that said, let’s talk about shopping with a helper.
We all know that as fun as it sounds to spend time with this enchanting blonde, it does lead to the time vortex, where hours are lost, and you have no idea where they are. I have to negotiate with strangers to make sure that “we” push the elevator buttons. (and then I have to keep my OCD level fear of germs at bay, and carry on without bathing in purell) I have to have snacks, and at least one change of clothing for each of us, “just in case”. And at all times I have activities and rewards lined up.
Today’s adventure was going to Britex Fabrics.
We went and talked to people behind the scenes, to get something for this week’s challenge on PPR.
And here she sits, quietly, with a sticker book. As I browse this dream rack of samples.

If all goes well. (and it usually does) She gets to go to the 3rd floor and pick out a treat. The third floor is a kin to nirvana. Lace, buttons, silk flowers, bridal notions, trims, vintage ribbon, twine, cable, braid… you could lose your mind there!
Here is a little something they whipped onto a mannequin. To the people who work at Britex, this is like an Amuse Bouche. They throw the fabric and the trims at the dress form, and voila, here is the result. This display is changed regularly, and makes it look so easy to pin and drape effortlessly. (oh, the thought of what they would do with a Barbie!!?)
My helper has honed in on the “jewels”, which are actually buttons.
Here she is pointing them out for the sales person.
Never mind that we have them in every color now. Is that really relevant?
Britex Fabrics has two entrances, one on Geary, and the other “back” door, on Maiden Lane.
“We” prefer the Maiden Lane entrance because it has a grand curved staircase that leads you down into the bolts of silk. And, because on a ledge, to the side of this staircase, is a little birdy. He can tell when you walk by, and he chirps.
(photo by OKate, at godfreykate on Flickr)
That is so exciting that we have to talk about it in anticipation, then actually experience it, then recap the thrill of it. And then, as we walk into the store, we have to plot to exit using that same door, so as to hear the bird chirp again, when we leave, with our new jewel.
Happy shopping! (Alone, really)
See you on the runway!!

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