Drum Stick Case

My Little Lamb Chop was given a drum set.

I’ll let you ponder that for a moment. My husband bought a full drum set – in child’s size – for our budding musician/percussionist.
girl on drums

We needed a case for the sticks. And I had some red glitter Naugahyde that matched the drums perfectly. (I’m sure everyone has glitter naugahyde in there stash!)

I learned some tricks on sewing Naugahyde. It is thick, and it is sticky! I wrapped it in tissue paper, top and bottom. (And then you have to rip it off when you are done. Not fun, but it does come off cleanly.)

sew nagahide
I used a similar thread color, rather than a contrast color. And I did not use a different needle than I do for sewing with fabric. The sewing part was surprisingly easy. It is soft, and the needle goes through like soft butter.

There are still seam allowances, but they are not hidden. They are on the outside.
Red glitter holder

The sewing needs to be really accurate because the seam allowance will highlight any wandering lines. And picking out the stitches is not an activity you would like to engage in. (I am not sure if it would even ‘heal’ from that or if the holes would show up. Or worse, if you picked out stitches, and then sewed it again, would you weaken the fabric by effectively making perforations. (Like old school stamps. Remember those? )

I know that this is a project that everyone needs in their house. The children’s size drumsticks that are rolling around in an unruly fashion on your floor are out of hand. Let me give you the finished measurements so that you don’t have to experiment too much. The case is 4.25 wide. 11 inches of case and a 4.5 inch flap, unfolded.

She likes it. And the sticks usually make it in there.
drum sticks
I made one side have the pinked edge, and left one side straight. It has a top flap that folds down. I’ll see if I need to add a little velcro or some other closure.
Drum stick case
Or if the naugahyde will just relax into it. I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Comments to Drum Stick Case
    • Sea
    • A full drum kit has two more drums and cymbals! There are two at our house….my middle on started drumming on assorted biscuit tins when he was 7, made him wait a year before buying a kit.. He’s now 23 and a really good drummer. Love the drum stick case, but I think my 23 year old would cringe if I nade him one the same.

      • Susan Cornish
      • Sea, I am laughing! We do not need any more drums or cymbals in our set! : ) But I stand corrected! I bet that your son would not appreciate a case. I just wanted to make sure that when we turn off the lights, we don’t catch a rogue stick under our feet and flat on the floor. Thanks for the parent-of-a-drummer support!

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