Project – Coffee Sleeve Gift Card Holder

I have so many cards running around in my purse – I am always looking for a new way to corral them. And then I saw a coffee sleeve! It actually holds one card better than the 467 that I have. So here is the super cute project.

This would be the perfect packaging for a gift card, like, from your local coffee shop! Just an idea for the teachers in our lives as we head into summer.

Coffee Sleeve Gift Card Holder


  • Cardboard coffee sleeves
  • Colorful thread
  • Buttons
  • Big, fun, rubber bands
  • Embroidery floss

Take the sleeve, and your fun thread, and zig-zag across the bottom.
Then you add the button
On this one (above) I glued the button. And actually, it is really holding on well! It is a shank button, and the shank on it is flat bottomed. So there was a good surface to hold the glue.

Next, I took a length of embroidery floss, and tied one end to the button itself.
tie floss on
Trim the tied end. Insert the card, and push it down in flat. Then wind the floss around the sleeve several times, ending with a triple wrap around the button. I left the end obvious (on the back,) so that the recipient could open it without scissors, or frustration.
sleeve with floss

And on the one below
I used the long, fun, rubber band, and  hooked it through the button. Then I looped it over the holder, and looped it around the button.

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