Crafting With One Hand Behind My Back

Well, not literally behind my back but it almost feels like that. If you follow us on Facebook you probably know I had wrist surgery last week. The hope was it would be an easy arthroscopic surgery where I would have full motion right after surgery. The actually result was a little different.
Surgical Dressing/Cast
Yeah, no full motion here. My problem ended up being a little more serious and required a hook inserted into my bone to reattach and tighten the ligaments. I can’t help but picture having a crochet hook holding my wrist together.

This has certainly created a roadblock in my crafting things to share with you all. I have discovered I can knit a little, though it takes me a lot longer to get through a row. Holding something down like a ruler to draw a straight line or fabric to cut is pretty much impossible. I have lots of plans and things in the works that may have to remain unfinished for the next six weeks or so.

I’m sure some of you have gone through similar times whether due to surgery or carpal tunnel. Did you find some crafts that were easier to do than others? Or some tricks to make doing them easier?

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5 Comments to Crafting With One Hand Behind My Back
    • Silvia
    • I haven’t gone through wrist surgery or carpal tunnel. A few years back I had a kitchen accident where I accidentally cut off half of the tip of my left index finger. There was no crafting or much of anything I could do for a while because of the pain. I had reconstructive surgery on it and with all the scar tissue there are still many things I can’t use it for. An extremely sharp knife and a split second of distraction can really suck!
      I hope you’re comfortable and your recovery is quick and easy!

    • DrRuss
    • Wishing you a quick recovery. Recovering from a computer meltdown myself so your situation surely puts a new perspective on my current distractions. Wishing you a speedy return to all things crafty.

    • Michelle
    • I had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery back-to-back. I wasn’t able to crochet or do anything repentitive afterwards. I’m not supposed to be doing it now, because it can come back, but it help keep my sanity and I earn extra money teaching.

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