Project – Beaded Kilt Pin

I made a pin to go with the diagonal scarf, and I wanted to share my recipe.
I wanted a kilt pin to string the beads on. But I did not want them to hang off the pin itself. I needed a coiless kilt pin. What I found were straight pins that you bend yourself. And voila.

Beaded Kilt Pin



  • rounded needle nose pliers

This is easy. Measure the pin, and make a note of where you need to bend the stem so that there is still enough pin to catch under the clasp. I wanted a “squared end”, so made sure to leave enough length to round both corners.
Make the first bend at the appropriate place. Thread the beads onto the pin. Make the second bend, and you are done.
Easy, peasy.

Done. Ladies and gentlemen, let my whole beading career begin! Whaaawho!

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One Comment to Project – Beaded Kilt Pin
    • Melba
    • I love ur pin! It would be so cute on a scarf. I recently posted some faux-vintage mini hat pins. It must be the season for pins!

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