Fleece Pillow

Over Christmas, Jambi had a GREAT time playing with all of her cousins.
One of the prized possessions at their house was a “pillow”. Maybe we should call it a “millow” because it was a mini-pillow. It was TINY and FLAT, and had some embroidery on it.
The boys loved theirs, and I thought I would try to make some when I got home. I bought a little bit of fleece for the project. And when we were at JoAnn’s, Jambi picked out a patch that she loved. (I cringed a little bit, because this is something I should really applique on from my stash. But, I feel like it is important to actually listen to her in the store, and hear her preferences.) She really liked this strawberry.
So we bought it, and I thought it would work with the fleece color. And in the end, that paid off, because when she saw the pillow, she squealed with delight that the strawberry was on there. It was like it was already familiar to her.
The pillow is a rectangle of furry fleece. Inside is four layers of acrylic quilt batting. The strawberry is ironed on (gasp), and then there is a little bit of blanket stitch around the edges to make it more “finished”. Really, the embroidery is lost in the fur. But I know it is there, so it makes me feel better.

This is similar to the doll blanket project – in that it is SUCH a surprise that she could like it as much as she does. Who knew that a little pillow evoke this response? I highly recommend one of these as a gift for the 2-4 set in your life.

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