Project – DJ Lance Hat

This week, the Iron Craft Challenge was based on Halloween.

I made a little ‘costume’ that my husband may or may not decide to wear.

DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba, and the fabulous Jack Black.

The hat I did was super simple.
Wanna make your own?


  • Orange fur
  • white cardboard
  • orange felt
  • (orange thread)
  • fabric or tacky glue


  • measuring tape
  • fabric scissors
  • crafting scissors

(side bar: I have scissors that only cut fabric in the house. They are beautiful Ginger’s in their own case. And they do not cut anything else. I even bent my own rules a little bit by letting them cut this fur!
Then I have assorted ‘craft’ scissors for cutting everything else. Mine are some nice Fiskars. I’m not very picky about them, so they can cut sticky, gluey things, and just be washed off.
Do you separate your scissors?)

  • sewing machine

First, measure your head around where you want the hat to sit. (so not just around your forehead like a head band, but around the back of your head down by your ears.)
Take you number, and add about 3-4 inches. 2 inches will be seam allowance, and 1-2 inches of ease.
Cut a long strip of the fur. Mine is 28 inches long, and 9 inches high.

Fold the strip in half the long way, and sew up the back seam.
Then sew the top seam in a gentle arc.
There is no real shape to this hat. And clearly it is roomy on top, but it is neither pointy, nor is it a chef’s hat. So simply round off the corners at the front and back, and you should have a bit of a poof at the top.

One tip I can offer when sewing fur: before you fold and pin, take a moment to ‘push’ the fur “in” away from the seam. (so if you are running it through your machine with the seam allowance on the right, and the body of the hat on the left, as you face your machine, push all the fur in and to the left.) That way the fur will fluff and hide the seam. Otherwise, the fur is pulled into the seam allowance, which isn’t a big huge deal, it just distracts me a tiny bit.

star detail
For the star, I just cut out an irregular 14 point star out of white cardboard. And an irregular 5 point star out of orange felt, and glued them together. My little helper called these the “sun” and the “star”.

I have to say, this hat is pretty funny.
There was no time for a photo shoot with a model before the posting date. Sorry. Stay tuned though, because this hat will be in our ‘bag of tricks’ for years to come! I will likely capture everyone in the house trying it on!
Happy Halloween!

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6 Comments to Project – DJ Lance Hat
    • Beth Winegarner
    • Not only do I have separate sewing scissors, they’re the scissors that my MOM kept separate and we were scolded for ever using on paper etc. I should get them sharpened.

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    • Cheryl B.
    • I wanted to make a DJ Lance costume for my toddler because the quality of bought costumes are horrendous. I literally ust made the hat using your instructions. THANK YOU!!! I have never sewn anything in my life and just did this little project by hand.

      • Susi
      • Cheryl,
        First of all BRAVO! Yeah! Good for YOU!
        The costumes in stores are cute and clever, maybe, but they are made of the most horrific ‘fabric’. And they are sewn to be worn once. And, if you do a good job, a toddler costume will be worn for 6 months straight! : )
        Thanks for the comment.
        I am so glad you tried. And even happier that you were successful!

    • Sara
    • Hi,
      Just want to thank you for warning about I found one of my tutorials on there. I discovered that they also have another site called where I found 5 of my tutorials stolen on there. Can you send me an email to let me know how you took action?
      Thanks for looking out for the craft community!

      • Kat
      • Thanks Sara,

        I sent you all the information I had. They got our stuff down pretty quickly. Going to check their other site now.

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