Quilt of the Day: Silk Orange Peel Quilt

You might need to sit down for this one.
Silk Orange Peel Quilt
I saw the thumbnail of this, and thought it looked interesting.
I opened it, and my jaw dropped.
And I read about it, and I gasped.
This quilt is made from silk remnants from ties. It is pieced onto muslin.
OH MY WORD! This quilt is a technical master piece!

  • It is silk
  • It has straights and lots of arcs and curves and circles
  • It is an artist’s study of color intensity
  • it is eco-friendly, PC, Up-cycled fabric

I don’t think you could find a longer/harder check-list. This quilt is the stuff of legend.
I need to get and rest a minute before I continue my day.
I am humbled.
Thank you Peppermint Pinwheels!


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5 Comments to Quilt of the Day: Silk Orange Peel Quilt
    • Ande Noren
    • It just looked difficult until I realized it was made from ties. I’ve used ties in projects, and they’re a b**** to sew. Beautiful, but doesn’t inspire me to emulate it.

    • Peppermint Pinwheels
    • I was just reading your post about Dan Rouse’s stencil class and lo and behold – there’s my quilt in the related posts section! Thank you so much for such a wonderful write-up. The secret to sewing those curves successfully is paper-piecing. I love that technique!

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