PPR Challenge 1 – Kat’s Design

Challenge 1: – Come As You Are
Challenge:Use either the clothes your model is currently wearing OR a 10″ x 10″ square of fabric similar to your own pajamas. On top of that, you can use a handkerchief worth of white cotton or cotton-ploy blend fabric. The standard woman’s handkerchief is 10″ x 10″. You can manipulate the fabric anyway you want with dye, fabric paint, etc… You can also add things like buttons, velcro, and trims
Time: You have 18 hours to create your design
My fabrics
I decided actually use the fabric from a pair of pajamas that no longer fit me. For the white fabric, I used a 10″ x 10″ square from a pillow case which I figured would be just like using sheet fabric. I knew it would be a little tricky because the print on the pajamas was a little big.

I decided to stick with my simple, chic esthetic and make a white gown with a bold statement created by one of the flowers from the print. I used Stiffy to make the flower a little easier to cut out and, well, stiffer. I planned to have the top of the flower sticking above the top of the dress almost like a single strap, but when Tim saw it in the work room he told me that it looked a bit silly and frankly I had to agree. He also said he was worried that the judges would mark me down for using so little of the pajama fabric and keeping the sheet white. So, I went back to the drawing board (because you know, I don’t have one of those HP Touchsmart Computers).
PPR Challege 1 - Come As You Are
In the end, I moved the flower down on the dress and added a jacket made from the pajama fabric. The jacket has a shawl-like quality to it because of the large dramatic collar. I kept the dress white because I felt it was striking with the brown of the pajamas.
PPR Challenge 1 - Come As You Are
When it came time to style my model, Mía, I decided her hair needed to be pulled up to show off the collar of the jacket. So, it is in a high almost 60’s style, big ponytail. For the accessories, I picked gold metallic items from the Piperlime accessory wall. I thought the gold would add a bit of glitzy and richness to the design.

In the end, the judges thought my jacket was great, but that the dress was a little too simple. I’m safe this week, but am warned I need to up my game if I expect to make it to fashion week. I’ll admit I feel like my design skills are a little rusty since last year’s Project Project Runway. I am proud of the jacket though, as I was scared of sleeves last year. Also I think the dress fit beautifully and I liked the way the bust darts went all the way to the back to create an extra design feature.

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10 Comments to PPR Challenge 1 – Kat’s Design
    • Lisa Paul
    • Wow! Love it! You are so on your way to the final three. And so wise of you to listen to Tim. Now if only he’d give you one of those HP Touchpads…

    • Lisa Paul
    • By the way, I hope Heidi mentioned that she would “totally wear this dress” because it would work for body types as varied as Nina or Christina Ricci.

    • Barbara
    • I loved following your process last year so was excited to see this! The dress is simple. So? The pattern is not and with the jacket I think the overall result was wonderful. Picky, picky. 🙂

    • Elle
    • Oh my gosh, Kathy, I love it! I’m happy that you took Tim’s advice because you really “made it work.” Also love the styling for the model!

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