Challenge #25 – Scan This!

You’ve seen these QR codes pop up everywhere and I think their graphic quality just screams to be used in crafts. Plus your crafts can contain a secret message since once scanned QR codes can link to a website, video or even just text.

Velcro QR code T-shirt
Flickr user Kitchen Budapest has played a lot with QR codes making things like this velcro QR code t-shirt

I’m not the only one who thinks so as Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK’s center for contemporary art, will be doing an exhibit of textile and 3-D versions of QR codes. They’re wondering, “How can designers, crafters, makers, tinkerers, artists, coders and interested dabblers use textile QR codes to send viewers to interesting places?” Now, QR-3D is asking all of us crafters to join in and we thought it would be a fun theme for Iron Craft. Who knows one or two of our project might even get chosen to be in the exhibit?!

Knitted QR Code
Flickr user (and Craft editor) Bekathwia has been experimenting with QR codes in knitting.
Create a project this week that incorporates a QR code in it. QR codes work well with knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, paper arts, jewelry so, have fun with it. For the Iron Craft you can use any medium you would like. If you would like to enter it in the QR-3D project they are looking for mainly textiles, read their participation instructions here.

There are lots of site where you can generate your own code and save it to you computer, I’ve been using . Your code can say or lead to anywhere you want.  I made two codes for this post. The one on top leads to this blog and the one below here says Now Go Craft. 

Posting date is Wednesday, June 22nd. Please only post in progress photos before that date. Tag photos with IC25 and IronCraft. If you want to enter the QR-3D project make sure to upload to their Flickr group too.

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12 Comments to Challenge #25 – Scan This!
    • val
    • I won't be able to take part in this one….off with VBS! I'll be sure to tune in next week though to see what everyone made! Have fun!!!

    • Reve
    • I won't be able to get this done in a week, but thanks for pointing out the QR-3D project! Their deadline is the end of July – I think I can make that.

    • Claire Chauvin
    • I can't do this one either. My phone doesn't read QR codes, so it's kind of no fun. Bummer. I DO, however, have a big tip/warning for those of you who want you QR codes to actually work. The white border around the code is part of the code! It provides a "Quiet Zone" around the code. Keep that in mind, Iron Crafters!

    • Chinnu
    • Somehow this challenge doesn't interest me. I think i'll take an off this week and see what all you talented crafters come up with. Have fun!

    • kat
    • I'm sorry so many of you aren't doing this week's challenge. I know its a little different but, coming up with 52 interesting challenges is…well, challenging so, I know not every one is going to appeal to everyone.

      Claire – Fo me it was more important that other people who had phones who could read my code 😉

    • Reve
    • Oh, Kat, I love the challenge. I'm just trying to finish two sets of potholders for wedding gifts and getting ready to leave town on Wednesday! I don't have a smartphone either, but that won't stop me.

    • Manisha
    • So far, I have struck out my project ideas. I may end of sitting this one out, but I do have one more day so we'll see how today goes.

    • Chinnu
    • I totally agree finding 52 themes is challenging. This is a great theme too, its just i ran out of ideas….its been great seeing the submissions so far this week. Cheers!

    • sewcat
    • Well this Iron Craft group is a place to learn for me, as I had no idea what on earth a QR code was.So I had to get to work and study up on that first and in the end it opened up a whole new world for me, too fun.Thanks again IC , i'm lovin it.

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