Craft Room Redo

It’s been a long time coming but, this weekend Matt & I started my craft room redo. I’m very lucky that out house has a little room under the eaves just off our bedroom that is just for me. My work space consisted of our old kitchen table which barely big enough for the sewing machine & a computer. Plus storage is always a problem.
Morning 33 - looking forward
I spent some time with a graph of the room & scale cutouts of various IKEA tables, desks & shelves & finally came up with this.
Craft Room Redo
Look at all that open counter top, over 9 feet of it! We bought two large Gallant tables & secured them together into one long work top that almost spans the whole wall.
Craft Room Redo
The drawer units are both from the Alex line. The one on top of the desk is meant to actually hang on the wall but we added 6″ legs instead. The large unit on the floor is on wheels & slides under the table when not in use. The drawers are wide enough to store things like my cutting mat & quilting ruler. It also gives me an extra table top for things like my laptop when it’s not in use & can be wheeled next to the sewing station if I need it there.
Craft Room Redo
The other end of the table is set up as my sewing station. A thread spool holder hangs on the wall in behind the sewing machine & another will join it soon. The table is 31 1/2 inches deep which gives me lots of room for fabric behind the machine. Quilting will me much easier with all this space.
I love the way the whole thing is turning out. I still have a bit of organizing to do, moving things into drawers & getting some storage containers to fit in the drawers. There is also a large cupboard space in the room that really has just become a place to throw batting & such. Matt is going to build selves in it so I can stack & store my fabric stash. It’ll be a little trick as the back of the cupboard is slanted like the roof but he’s good at math & can figure out those angles.

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8 Comments to Craft Room Redo
    • Debbie Barr
    • Lovely, and I'm so jealous! Right now my husband and I are crammed into a tiny one bedroom apartment, so any time I want to make something my mess gets spread throughout the living room.

    • Lori
    • I have been slowly changing my room. I so want to figure out a way to make better use of my space. I think your idea and plan was an excellent one. Very functional, neat and streamlined. Which is what Ikea really excels at. Love that place. I have been begging my friend to go up to Canada with me to Ikea. Maybe in the Spring.

    • Tracey
    • Beautiful! I especially love the clever space-saving storage solution with the Alex drawers. I might need to do something similar in my own space, since I currently have piles of stuff sitting on the floor surrounding my desk.

    • shopgirl
    • how on earth did I miss this post!?! It is SO great! It makes the room look immense! And it certainly gives you lots of space! Bravo!

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