bride’s bangle bag

Bride's bangle bag
Here’s the other bag design I finished last night for the wedding window. I was inspired by the felted bracelet bag that Crazy Aunt Purl made. I wondered if something similar would be cute not felted. I think its very girlee & very sweet. It’s made from Rapture which is 50% silk & 50% wool & just beautiful! The finished size of the actual bag is 5×4. Here’s what it looks like worn (excuse the blurry picture). If I was getting married I could see making them for my bridemaids & giving them little gifts inside.
Bride's bangle bag

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    • Sue
    • Both of the bags are really pretty and very sweet! What bride wouldn’t want to carry one of these, or give them to her bridesmaids??? Great idea!

    • Bliss
    • How cute! I have a sweater just that color that has large pink pearl beads sewn around the neckline… I bet those would be cute around the handle edge of your bag too. Just a thought.

    • KnitNana
    • What a cutie! I think it even makes a sweet little bag for the cell, too, doesn’t it? I’m glad you gave a demo shot, b/c I would never have realized how little it was! Just too sweet…

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