bride’s bag

I’m working on a June wedding window for the store. I thought it would be cute to design some small bags that brides or bridemaids can use to hold an ID, kleenex, compact & lipstick, just the necessities. Here is the first one I did this weekend.It is made from Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. What a lovely yarn to work with. These pictures don’t show the yarns beautiful sheen off at all.
This was also the first time I’ve ever done beaded knitting. It was a lot simpler than I expected though it took me a few times to come up with a method I really liked. Vogue Knitting had a method for garter stitch where you add the bead while you are on the wrong side but I found that the bead wasn’t as nice & tight to the fabric as I would have liked (especially since i’m using beading thread with my yarn). So instead I added the bead on the right side then slipped a stitch, this method seemed to work very well.

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    • Theresa
    • Oh, pretty! I may need to do something similar for my wedding in June (if I can finish two other wedding-related knitting projects first, plus pack and move).

      I really like that it is a wristlet.

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