chicken feets

You may have noticed I’m a little obsessed with knit toys right now. I was just telling Matt today for some reason I find them more satisfying than making clothes. Maybe its because they are quick…maybe its because size doesn’t matter, nor gauge…maybe its because they are cute… Anyway I’ve been working on perfecting my chicken feet. Here is the first try, I knit an icord then picked up stitches on the bottom to create the three toes. Not the best, they don’t all lay the same direction & its a little big.
Second chicken…this time i knit three little icords & decreases them each to one stitch on the last row & then used this stitch to create the leg icord. Ok, this is better though they still seem to lay a little funky & lots of ends to weave in.
Third chicken…this time i did the leg icord first. Then on the last row i increased in each of the stitches twice creating 9 stitches. I used the sets of three to make the three two icords. Also I wove the yarn through at the end of each one & used it to continue the next two thus only have one end to weave in at the end. This created the sweetest little chicken feet & the lay just perfectly! Success!
Finally here’s a little taste of spring from my way to work this morning… this rain has been awful but everything is sure growing & blooming.

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    • Erica
    • OK, I love those chicken feets! My Pit Bull eats chicken feet (and turkey necks) as “doggie glucosamine”. Do you think I should knit her some bigger ones? ;->

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