hmmm…what next?

Don’t you love that feeling when all the projects you have to do are done? I’m not saying I don’t have a few WIP on needles but since I’ve gotten all the deadline Christmas stuff done I feel like I deserve to start something new. So what will it be? I’m tempted by a couple of things…

1. Cashmere Bed Socks from Luxury Knits
I have never made socks & this pattern looks pretty easy. They are made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran so kind of bigger yarn. Plus I’m going home to Minnesota & they would keep my feet warm. If they knit up quickly I can even do a pair for my sister (who is reading this by the way & now know about her christmas scarf too!)

2. A Jess Hutchison Robot doll.
We are doing dolls as our January knit along & it would probably be good if I’ve done one first so I can help people. I have lots of scrap yarn I can use to make him. Plus how cute is he? I am just thrilled with this pattern book.

3. Something using pretty mohair ribbon blend called Lipstick.
I bought two skeins of this beautiful red/pink yarn at Stitches last year and have yet to use it. Last night I rolled it into balls thinking that might give me an idea. I was going to knit it with a red cashmere/merino blend I had also gotten but my roommate & DB thought it was too red. I’m thinking it might make a wonderful wrap for over a black dress on new years but think it does need another yarn for slightly more bulk.

Well, I guess I’ll head over to Noe Knit after work & pick up yarn for the socks & see if something matches Lipstick. Then just see what mood I’m in. These could all also make great traveling projects…

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