Bachelor Farmer’s Afghan Room

Last night I went to a fabulous beer pairing dinner at one of our favorite Minneapolis restaurants, The Bachelor Farmer. I’ve eaten there many times, but had never been upstairs in their private party spaces. I had heard there was a lot of crochet and knitting in the decor, but the room we were in only have a pole covered in knitting. Of course, I took it upon myself to go peek in the other rooms. Look at what I found!

The chef was having a meeting with someone in the room, but they were happy to show me around and let me take some photos. Every space of wall and bulkhead was covered in knit and crocheted afghans. I asked who knit them for them and was told their designer had sourced all the blankets at different places around the area. They all definitely look handmade.

I love how mainly using blue and white afghans, with a few colorful ones thrown in here and there, turns what could look like a hodge podge into a really coordinated look.What a cozy space for a party during a Minneapolis winter. Plus you have to think it helps with soundproofing!

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