More Yarn Love Challenge

Continuing on my Yarn Love Photo Challenge…

Day 6 – Mistakes
I am swatching a color work design for a pattern submission and had to start over because I worked it upside down! I am brave starting over while drinking wine.

Day 7 – Stripes
I like to work and design in #stripes whether it is stripes of color or stripes of things like snowflakes.

Day 8 – Where I Craft
This is where I craft in the living room of my loft overlooking downtown Minneapolis. It is bright and sunny in the day and cozy at night with a fire in the fireplace.

Day 9 – Tools
I think these might be some of a knitter’s most important #tools. I feel like I’m always asking people what they got for gauge.

Day 10 – Oldest Stash
This is probably the oldest thing in my stash since I have tried to giveaway everything I don’t think I’ll use. It is a ribbon yarn I got to knit Kyoto 14 years ago! I never finished that sweater….

Day 11 – Travel Projects
I thought I’d be doing some travel knitting today but that fell through, so instead here are the project bags I take when traveling. Two are Doctor Who, one is made of a dish towel I got in Sweden and the dala horse one was a gift.

Day 12 – Progress
I was struggling with creating a pattern to make prize ribbons for a State Fair yarnbombing, but today I finally made progress.

Tomorrow I’ll share the pattern for these ribbons.

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