Staying Warm and Staying Busy

Winter has finally arrived with a vengeance here in Minneapolis, we are talking -26F vengeance. For me, there could be no better excuse to stay in crafting, especially in front of a fire. I don’t have a lot of new finished projects for you, but I thought I’d share some of what is in the works.

Of course, there are a few things on the needles…
This is a mitten design a created for a friend in the UK that I’m tentatively calling Birdwatching. I struggled with the color to do the colorwork, I ended up restarting three times. In the end, she chose the version with the three different colors. Look for this pattern to be available in about two weeks. I think it will be interesting to see how different people knit them up.
Jan 4 - Swatch
I’ve also been doing some swatching in silk/mohair for a secret project I can’t talk about yet. Finding a lace boarder that I liked it mohair was a bit of a struggle, but I think this one it is. This is like knitting a cloud.

The craftroom organization continues into 2016. Actually, it really got away from me over the holidays. I did sort through a lot of my yarn, throwing some stuff away and donating some to the MN Knitters Guild Auction.
I’m proud to say I took everything in the bags to the auction and only came home with one new ball of yarn.
The large Ikea wardrobe is starting to come together. It has been tricky to find the best way to sort and store everything. I don’t want to end up with a bunch of plastic boxes labeled “Misc. Craft Supplies.”

The work surface is pretty much unusable right now, since it is the staging area for sorting and piling. Then I made the mistake of getting sucked into sorting out all my beads.
This is just one of four or so storage boxes…I could be here for weeks!

What has been keeping you busy since in the new year?

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10 Comments to Staying Warm and Staying Busy
    • Line
    • Kat, you always amaze me with your mittens. They are so tempting, even whey they are not finished. I’ve also been staying in, winter has come to Ontario and it ain’t kidding no more. Brrr! So, I’m quilting, claying and cleaning up my studios. My storage issues are mostly fabric but I too have to find containers for everything. I still have one closet to do and I dread it, keeping it for last. So stay warm and safe.

      • Kat
      • I’ve barely touched my fabric stash. It really needs some going through for sure! I am dreading going through all the boxes in my husband’s closet. We’ll only have a high of -6 on Sunday, maybe I’ll tackle it then.

    • Ros
    • I just bought a doll’s house! So that is keeping me very busy – at the moment it’s mostly in the planning stages, but it is SO MUCH FUN!

        • Ros
        • It is going to be contemporary. My plan is to decorate it as if it were my house – but with no limits on the budget! So if I want the fabulous sofa costing thousands, that’s what I’ll make. And so on. The attic is going to be my dream craft studio.

    • PJ
    • Hi Kat, I have a bizzillion beads too. Finally organized mine by color and 2 sizes. Little beads, like seed beads go in little bottles. (I’ve been hoarding little syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel.) Big beads go in a Mason jar. Life is much easier for me trying to find a certain beads. I also have one of those lidded, divided cases I put my “good” glass beads in so they don’t get banged around. We’re moving this spring (hopefully) so I’ve been working on purging my stash of everything crafty and looking for creative ways to pack all my stuff. Not knowing I’ll have room for all my crafty things at the new place (because there isn’t one yet) is the challenge.

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