Mitten Garland Advent Calendar – Mitten #7

I am loving mitten #7, a nice all over pattern and just two colors.
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten #7
Download the Advent Calendar Mitten 7 Chart.

This one also have the most patterned thumb we have done yet, but after seven weeks you guys are experts. Don’t worry too much about what color the yarn you are picking up to do the make 1 is for the thumb gusset, it will blend in just fine as you can see on mine.

One thing I did do on this mitten was a jogless stripe technique on the beginning of row 13. It isn’t really necessary, but I like how it made the gray look even all the way around.

Jogless Stripes: If you have ever knit stripes in the round you know that you get a jog or step at the beginning of a round. There is a way to fix this when you have stripes of more than one round. Finish the first color and knit one round of the second color. When you get to the first stitch of the second round of the second color, pull up the stitch below from the first color on to the left needle. Now knit those two stitches together.
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten #7
I’m getting a nice little pile of mittens now!

As always we are using the same written pattern for this mitten, Mitten Advent Calendar Pattern.

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