Kat’s Craft Room Redo

I’m am lucky to have a space dedicated to my craft supplies and crafting in our loft. The space was meant to be used as an office, thus the built in desk, but I think I can turn it into a great crafting space.

Our place is a soft loft, the main living area is one big open room, but the bedrooms and a pantry/laundry room are separate real rooms with walls and doors. My craft room is an alcove off of the kitchen that is open to the main living space. It is not a huge room, about 12″ by 8″ (though the entrance is at an angle which really shortens one side).
Start of my craft room redo
For some reason this little space has a dirty off-white, shag carpet in it instead of the nice maple hardwood in the rest of the loft. Can you imagine all the pins I’ve already lost in that carpet?! We are having that carpet ripped out and hardwood put in.

Then there is the open doorway. I do like the fact that I get natural light from the kitchen windows (there are no windows in the alcove), but I also would like to be able to close off the room and not worry about the mess. So, I am having sliding frosted glass doors made for the entrance. My inspiration for these was Japanese sliding Shoji screens.
I think they will fit in with the clean modern look of the loft.

After that will be storage and organization solutions. I have crates and crates of yarn, fabric and other crafty goodness that need to be organized in a way that I can find things easily.

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5 Comments to Kat’s Craft Room Redo
    • Manisha
    • It is so dreamy! I can’t wait to see it when you make the changes. BTW, I was going through my stuff and found a book that you loaned out to me. I should find some time to return it soon.

    • Sandi
    • I think your place will be great! I love your idea for the door is wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you do. Hugs,

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