Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #2 – Make a Circuit with Me Mittens (almost)

This Iron Craft challenge was to make something for someone we love. I had come up with an idea, but then found out my mom was having open heart surgery in the middle of the challenge period. I knew there was no way I was going to get that original idea done before I left to be with my parents, so it was time for a rethink. I decided to knit up a pair of mittens for my husband. Knitting was a good choice because I could easily take it with me and it was something I could do while sitting in hospital waiting rooms.
Iron Craft '15 Challenge #2 - Make a Circuit with Me Mittens
Well, as you can see I didn’t finish. I really tried, but there has been too many distractions for me to really focus the time needed. These will get finished in the next week most likely. Plus, I think Matt is really happy with them.

Oh my gosh you guys, I just realized I did the cuffs differently on the two mittens! Guess I am ripping mitten two back. Sigh.

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8 Comments to Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #2 – Make a Circuit with Me Mittens (almost)
    • DrRuss
    • Kat
      These are beautiful even in their unfinished state. In Japanese tattooing, there is a term called sujibori which explains the outlining process in tattooing. The hidden meaning is that the mark of a good artist is that the tattoo should always look good–even in the sujibori stage. These are going to be spectacular when finished.

      Sorry to hear about your mom–I hope she is recovery well–russ

    • Manisha
    • I am sorry to hear about your mother. I hope all went well with the surgery. I think you did a great job considering all that was going on. They are so creative and original. I hope that helped through all the challenges you faced. Much love to you and your family.

    • Melanie
    • My eyes must be going. I don’t see the diference in the cuffs! They look great. Hope your mom is on the mend.
      Does building legos count as making something for someone you love?

    • Linda F.
    • I hope your Mom is doing well. I think the mittens are wonderful. I wouldn’t have noticed the cuff if you hadn’t said anything. Even now, it just looks like it’s part of the pattern. The chart must be incredibly hard to follow. I’d probably go googly eyed.

    • Line
    • I hope your Mom is ok and applaud your ability to keep your hands busy when the rest of you is probably going a little crazy. The mittens look great even unfinished.

    • TerriSue
    • Oh Kat, I can remember sitting in waiting rooms when my maternal grandmother was going through open heart surgery. The time just seems to stand still. I lost her in the 90’s at the same time as my mother dyeing from breast cancer. Very hard. Positive thing though, the heart surgeries gave her back to us for years. I’m much older than you. I also cannot wait with nothing in my hands, I cannot however do anything that needs concentration. I might stitch redwork or knit a plain garter stitch wash cloth or two or three. I applaud your tackling these incredible mittens. I spotted the goof right away. If no one else is seeing it though do you really need to start over? All right, perfectionistic me would but maybe you should leave it as a testimony of your vigil. You really are incredibly talented knitting wise as well as designing.

    • Kat
    • Thank you all for your kind comments. My mom seems to be doing much better today, but these mittens are not;) I’m going to rip them both out and start out with different yarn. I’m just not happy with the gauge & this yarn.

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