Fingerless Mitts

Sometimes you are chugging away when life comes in and takes you in a direction that you were not expecting. That is where we went over the last 3 weeks. I am just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks mighty fine!

I started some fingerless gloves for the January knitting project. Then, my daughter got sick. Then I got pretty sick. Then my husband got very sick. The whole house kind of shut down and we went into survival mode. I called my mother for some moral support. Even if she lived close by, I would not have let her near our doorstep for fear she would catch some version of what we had. To illustrate what was happening in knitting terms it was kind of humorous.
knitting and waiting
Here I am knitting, trying to even get ONE of the mitts done for the January challenge, but there is a bleak fear in this picture. My husband staggered out of his first appointment of the day and said, “I have pneumonia, they are sending me to x-ray now”. Well okay then. We’ll find radiology over in the hospital wing.
I cast on the picot for the second mitt. You can see a little sun shine in the picture.
And then I joined and started knitting in the round. I counted carefully, there are the same number of picot scallops on both mitts. And I followed the directions carefully. Oh. Wait a second. I wrote those directions when I was pretty out of it. Yep, that is what happens when you knit and your head is not in the game.
So, I will take it back to the drawing board. I have gone back to work. The clothes have found their way in and out of the washing machine. The vacuum saw the light of day and now I can turn towards more pressing challenges, like editing the directions of this delicious mitt.

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