Advent Calendar Project ’14 – Week 3

(For the 24 weeks leading up to December 1st, we’ll be making a Christmas ornament, giving you enough to fill an advent calendar.)

This week’s ornament is inspired by mid century starburst clocks and wall hangings. I love the look and thought it would make for a striking ornament.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
I did just eight arms on this ornament, but to make it even more detailed you could add shorter arms between the long ones. I kept it natural wood, but think it would also look great pointed gold or silver.

Mid Century Modern Starburst Ornament


  • 1″ wooden ball (mine had a flat side which became the back)
  • pencil
  • small braid nail
  • hammer
  • four round toothpicks
  • scissors
  • exacto or other sharp knife
  • tacky glue
  • eight beads that will fit on the end of a toothpick
  • embroidery floss

1. Mark eight evenly spaced spots around the wooden ball. Use the hammer and nail to make holes at the spot, about 1/8″ or so in. Twist the nail around in the hole a bit to widen it. This is the trickiest part of the whole project.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3 Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
2. Cut the toothpicks in half (mine were soft enough to use scissors), each half should be about 1 1/4″ long. Use the exacto or sharp knife to carve the cut end into a point to go into the holes. Make sure the carved end fit into the holes. Widen the holes or carve the toothpicks more as needed.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3 Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
3. Put a small bit of glue on the carved end of the toothpicks and insert into the holes. I used a small paintbrush to clean up any excess glue. Make sure the toothpicks are as straight as you can get them. Let dry.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
4. Put a small drop of glue on the end of each toothpick and add a bead. Clean any excess glue. Let dry.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
5. Tie a strand of embroidery floss on under one bead and then into a loop for hanging.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 3
And here’s your Advent Calendar Project flashback…
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