Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #12 – Father’s Day Donuts

Recently Kat shared her dounut recipe with us. (So I blame her for this. )

I went out got the pan and have been waiting for an occasion (so that I would not have donuts in the house). Father’s Day was the occasion. We were invited over to the neighbors for a visit, so we did not want to go empty handed. I thought the recipe on the back of the label of the pan would be well road tested, so I went with that. It was fair at best. I will experiment with it. I found this OH SO enticing post with 12 recipes to try! One of those will have to be better.

Here are mine:
Naked. The one on the bottom is turned over to feature the “pan” side. The rest are pictured as they came out of the oven. I was afraid to leave them in the oven until the tops were brown, for fear they would dry out altogether.

I did a masterful job of striping them with a dark chocolate syrup and a liquid chocolate frosting. Idea: 10, Execution: 2. The frosting held firm, but the syrup soaked in and made the whole thing look sad. So, I made a white glaze and did a half-way dip to apply it.
I also applied the glaze to the already striped donuts, (wha ha.) so they were a little less ugly.
Then, my darling helpful daughter wanted to help decorate the donuts, and that can only mean one thing, SPRINKLES!
In the end, here is our platter. Not bad looking.
Happy Father’s Day!

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