Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #8 – Individual Bunny Cakes

This wasn’t the project I planned on making for the Spring challenge, but between traveling and holiday guests it was the only one that happened. My sister’s family came to our house for Easter and the one request was that we have a bunny cake for dessert. The easy way out would have been to buy one at the grocery store, but I thought it would be more fun to make our own. Plus I thought decorating their own individual bunny cakes would be a great activity for my eight-year old nephews.
The cakes came out NOTHING like I imagined they would. I had envisioned cute little blue jelly bean eyes, red licorice whiskers and sprinkles polka dot eyes. The boys on the other hand had very different ideas of how their bunnies should look. Still they had a blast making them and that was the whole point.

Individual Bunny Cakes

I made individual cakes, but you could make these any size.


  • 4″ cake tins with straight sides (I found them at Jo-Anns)
  • 1 box cake mix (You can get approximately 8 mini cakes from one box if you fill the tins 1/2 full, depending on the size of your cake tins of course.)
  • sharp knife
  • icing (One can of icing was enough for two bunnies, four cakes. I found the Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting was easy to use and really pure white.)
  • knife for frosting
  • red or pink food coloring
  • candies for decorating (I put out sprinkles, jelly beans, thin licorice and colored sugar.)

1. Bake the cakes and let them cook completely. Leave a whole round cake for each bunny face. For each face, cut another cake like the pictures below to create ears and a bow tie.
Iron Craft '14 Challenge #8 - Individual Bunny Cakes Iron Craft '14 Challenge #8 - Individual Bunny Cakes

2. Frost the cakes. I found it easiest to frost the face section first, then place the place the ears and bow tie in place and frost them. I made a mess of the place, but cleaned it up easily with a wet paper towel.
Iron Craft '14 Challenge #8 - Individual Bunny Cakes Iron Craft '14 Challenge #8 - Individual Bunny Cakes
Save a little of the frosting for the inside of the ears. Dye that frosting pink and use a knife to put it on the middle of the ears.

3. Let the kids go crazy with the decorations (or do the decorating yourself).
Iron Craft '14 Challenge #8 - Individual Bunny Cakes

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