Frozen seems to have captured the world’s attention. Or, maybe it is just OUR world. A Mommy friend shot me a note about the Frozen Sing-a-long that was coming to the Castro Theater, and I knew we had to go. We have done other Sing-a-longs there, so we knew what to expect. They give you a goodie bag as you enter the theater, the bag contains at least one glow stick and at least one popper (no matter what movie you are going to see.) Clearly the glow sticks are worth their weight in gold and should be collected and hoarded. Before the movie there is a costume show/contest.

I knew that a costume would be involved. If you have looked, you will know, Disney has grossly underestimated the popularity of Elsa and there is not a commercially made dress available. Not. One. I’m not kidding. Here is someone offering a dress for $899.00 on Ebay. That is mind boggling.

So, for me, a Project Project Runway veteran, this just looked like a “make it work moment”. On Sat afternoon, we went shopping for fabric. I cooked dinner, put her to bed and went to “the work room”. I had 10 minutes to sketch and 2 hours to sew the night before. Then there would be 3 hours in the morning before we had to get in the car and head to the show.

And here is how it all came out.
Princess on the stairs

For the little kids, it is just a costume show, it’s non-competitive. The kids are encouraged to come up, they are introduced (in character) and helped across the stage. For the adults, like at the Sound of Music shows, it is a full-on contest with judging and prizes. And MAN, the Castro can do a costume contest like NO OTHER place on earth.The clever, professional caliber costumes that come out (punny) are worth the price of admission alone.

Here she is waiting for her royal introduction

Princess Elsa being introduced on Stage

(note the helper, ready, to make sure no child goes falling into the organ pit. Thank you.)

Imaginary ice palaces materialized from our very fingertips.

After the show, we sang, enthusiastically, all over the city.
As a Mom, this event was supremely satisfying. My kid had a ball and really believed she was a princess. All day. We met up with friends who brought their princess and we all spent the day delighting in the magical powers of a good movie and childhood.

(For the next 10 years, I will vacuum up blue glitter, but I will do it with fond memories.)
Next, I will attempt to share the pattern with you, so that you have the chance to make your own Elsa costume. (worth $800 – $1500)

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