Book Review: Modern Minimal, 20 Bold and Graphic Quilts

I don’t buy new craft books very often any more. Ever since Pinterest has come along and taken hold, I get my fix of “new and inspiring” from there. If I am looking for a knitting pattern, I go to Ravelry.
Recently though, I broke down and bought Modern Minimal 20 bold & Graphic Quilts. It is a stunning book. Of course the pictures are beautiful, but they are also real in a way that some books have strayed away from lately.

This book is chalk full of bold, graphic patterns. They are simple, but they feel fresh and modern.


The common thread that runs through is that there is no pattern (fabric) used. All the quilts shown are done in solids.

One of the other features of the book that is AMAZING is that she offers two suggestions on quilting patterns for each quilt. (Literally where the sewn quilting lines will appear.) This has such a dramatic effect on the quilts. One is done with rectangles that mirror some of the color blocks on the front and it looks very art deco. But when the pattern is changed to a bold mirror triangle line, the whole quilt reads differently. It is fascinating to see.

Have you bought any craft books lately? Or have on-line sources taken their place?

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