Project: Knit Royal Bobble Crown

Originally, I knit a crown and it was so much fun, that I set out to improve it. It needed to be more royal. Here I give you the much improved Royal Crown.
with crown

Royal Bobble Crown

This is a great pattern to stretch the new knitter, because it is small and works up fast. It is knit flat and seamed together.

Download a pdf of the Royal Bobble Crown Pattern. (This version only contains a photo of the finished crown for easy printing.)


  • yarn: 2 balls of the Lion’s Brand Bonbon yarn (38 yds each) (DK or sport weight yarn will work)

pompom feature

  • needles: size US 2
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

The gauge is hard to measure on this. It is roughly 7 st/inch. The “real” measurement in this crown is One Point. For me, that measurement is 1.25″ per point, flat and not stretched at all.

Skills needed:

  • cast on and off
  • knitting and purling
  • knit front and back (to make bobble)
  • yarn over


  • s = slip a stitch purlwise
  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • yo = yarn over
  • MB = make bobble
  • kf = knit front
  • kb = knit back


You are knitting the crown in one long piece which you will seam together. So, odd side rows are when you knitting from the forehead towards the point. On even rows, you are knitting from the point down to the forehead.

Cast on 9
Row 1: s1, k5, yo, k3 (10 stitches)
Row 2: k (This is for all even rows. The exception to this is on row 12, after you have made the bobble)
Row 3: s1, k5, yo, k4 (11 stitches)
Row 5: s1, k5, yo, k5 (12 stitches)
Row 7: s1, k5, yo, k6 (13 stitches)
Row 9: s1, k5, yo, k7 (14 stitches)

When you start to knit, the piece will turn and form this ridge to one side
End Detail Royal Bobble Crown
This is where the work kind of “turns” because of the yarn over. I think it is magical, but it is a surprise, so I wanted to warn you it was coming

Row 11: s1, k5, yo, k7, MB (directions below)
Row 12: (After doing the 5 rows for the bobble you will have the one stitch left on the needle) cast off 6 stitches. Knit the remaining stitches. (9 stitches will be on the needle)

Repeat these 12 rows until you have formed enough points to fit around your intended head. On the last repeat, do not do row 12 as above, but follow the instructions below.

Progress shot Royal Crown

Finish the last repeat:
Row 12: cast off the 6 stitches, then cast off 2 more (8 total)
Row: 13: s1, k6
Row 14: s1, k6
Row 15: s1, k6
Cast off.
Those three extra rows form a piece that will jigsaw nicely into that turned piece that forms at the beginning of the work.

Seam the crown carefully.
This is where the last three rows join, and then, the seam is finished.

Row 1: kf, kb, kf, kb, kf into the same stitch
Row 2: s1, k4
Row 3: s1, k4
Row 4: s1, k4
Bobble detail
(Picture here, just before the bobble will be decreased.)

Row 5: s1, s1(2), s1 (3), pass 2nd stitch over the 3rd stitch, s1, pass the 3rd over the 4th. S1. Pass the 4th over the 5th. now, with the first and last stitch on the needle, slip the first over the last. The last stitch will stay on the needle.
(That is the end of the bobble.)

Continue on, following the directions for row 12.

happy model side view
Wear royally.
copyright 2014 Susan Cornish
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