Craft Room Transition

We moved.
We have found a lot of our clothing. And the kitchen is 80% of the way there. It’s time to focus on the Craft Room.
In this house I have the amazing luxury of a dedicated room. I would like it to be a family craft area, where mess is okay, and everyone is welcome.
Here are my amazing “before” pictures. (These are some brave pictures. Not for the feint of heart.)
There is a whole wall of windows, letting light pour in.
The white on the left of the picture is a large wardrobe, which is the only storage in the room. (so far)
There have been some disappointments, like this kind of box.
(Thankfully, there was no damage done to the contents.)

And the carpet. It is kind of yucky. But the silver lining of THAT is there will be no problem is something spills on it!
And there have been some great surprises, like this ceiling.
The sun burst custom plaster detail. Can you believe that? I guess the couple that lived in this house for many many years had a friend that was a professional plaster artist. And there is some evidence of his craftsmanship in almost every room in the house.

I will be pinning Craft Room ideas while I try to wrap my mind around this space. What would you do?

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